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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Intelligent Illumination.

Intelligent Illumination

The HL360™ LED Headlight - winner of the 2018 Townie Choice Award for Best LED Headlight - is the LED included with all of our Headlight Packages. Featuring up to 60,000 LUX in a perfect circular beam with even edge-to-edge brightness and weighs just 5.3g.

Really, it's our batteries that determine the kind of experience you will get. We offer 3 unique batteries, each designed to accommodate different needs.


The first truly wireless LED system. Emitting 21,000 LUX and weighting only 5 grams, airLUX is the lightest weight wireless LED battery available on the market today. Features simple touch control, a charge indicator and includes a Micro USB Charger for easy charging almost anywhere.

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