blue mountain

Anterior cervical interbody fusion plate



- Dynamic post-operatively
- Semi constraint rotational concept
- Flexibility of Titanium alloy Ta6V
- Dynamic post-operatively
- Small dimensions: prevention of post-op dysphagia/dysphonia
- Screws with anti back out
- Multi-level fixation ability: fixation to PEEK cages upon need
- Easy to set/remove: no added screw locking mechanism


- Screws with anti back out
- Polyaxiality of the screws
- Multi level fixation ability
- Specific slot
- Modularity

Product range

- Suitable for 1- to 4-level surgeries 
- 11 lengths of plates: from 24 to 93mm.
- Screw Ø 4.0mm for primary surgery
- Screw Ø 4.5mm for revision surgery 
- 5 lengths of screws: from 12 to 20mm.