We manufactures and markets binocular loupes with customizable diaptor, pupillary distance and loupes positioning to fit users. PENTAX’ surgical loupes combine a variety of market leading features to provide you with the incredible in vision, comfort and style

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 PENTAX PRISMVUE Loupes are prismatic surgical loupes incorporating PENTAX's unique deflection prisms and offer the user with bright magnified view of the operating field while standing upright and facing forward.
Available in two types: with and without eyeglass lenses.


Unique Optical Design

PENTAX's unique deflection prisms allow the surgeon to magnify the operation field while standing upright and facing forward.

Adjustable Focus

Focus can be adjusted by turning the objective lenses which can be locked to keep the focus.


Bright and wide field of view

PENTAX's unique and sophisticated design provides a bright and wide field of view. 
The upright posture facing forward during operation prevents the user's head from interfering with the surgical lights and ensures a bright field of view at all times.


Simple and secure wearing with straps

The loupes can be secured using the straps with the stopper.

Reducing eye fatigue and cervical strain

The convergence (*Note) provided by the optical system allows stress-free parallel viewing at all times.
This reduces the eye fatigue and cervical strain. 
*Note: Convergence is the eyes' turning inward towards the nose when we view objects with both eyes.

The PRISMVUE loupes are prismatic loupes incorporating PENTAX's unique deflection prisms and offer the surgeon with bright magnified view of the operation field while maintaining upright posture and facing forward. 
It prevents the user from needing to hunching their neck and back forward.


PENTAX USYFITVUE GP1 are light weight Galilean loupes with adjustable focusing and loupe positioning


All products proudly

designed and

manufactured in France.

Creativity is at the center of Spineway development policy. Several patents are filed each year, preparing therapeutic solutions of tomorrow. Spineway team strongly engaged in the progress of spinal therapy.

Spineway has created evaluation processes about quality, cetified by ISO 13485/2003 (DNV, Det Norske Veritas, Norway) since its start.

All products are CE marked (93/42/CEE), USFDA approvals will be filled one by one.